Accessible offer

The Val de l'Eyre wishes to make its tourist destination a welcoming land for all.

To develop and facilitate the discovery of our territory, it is above all to inform you about the access to our tourist sites and communal services and welcome you taking into account the specific needs of each.

The office of Val de l'Eyre: a suitable welcome!

- Parking lot and outside Progress.

  • A specific parking space 10 m from the entrance.
  • A journey to reception with a level-level access.


- Entrance and reception

  • Adapted reception desk
  • A sound loop.
  • Good luminosity.
  • Documentation available in self-service at appropriate height or upon request.


Beyond the development of its infrastructure, the Val de l'Eyre Tourist Office aims to provide an autonomous public with accurate information and detailed so that each person with a disability can also individually judge the accessibility of the sites to be discovered.

Lists of cultural and leisure facilities and activities not certified but adapted.

offre accessible handicapé
offre accessible handicapé

To enhance our welcome for all, we are committed to obtaining the Tourism and Disability Label, enabling the tourist office to become a pioneer in accessibility for people with disabilities.


The National label TOURISM AND HANDICAP, created in 2001 by the Ministry of Tourism, professionals of tourism and association of disabled persons, is a reply to the request of persons with disabilities.

The aim of this label is to provide a reliable, descriptive and objective information on the accessibility of sites and tourists equipment considering all kind of handicaps namely; hearing, visual, mental and motor.

This label helps to improve on the quality of reception and the accessibility to all kind of tourist facilities in great numbers, while ensuring a maximum autonomy to each.


According to disabled tourists, the label Tourism and Handicap is an evidence of concrete commitment and a guarantee of an efficient and appropriate reception.


For professionals in tourism, the label Tourism and Handicap is an acknowledgement as it enhances their efforts in accessibility, whether they are labelled under reception 1, 2, 3 or 4 kind of handicap.  In fact, all those who asked to be labelled consider themselves as stakeholders and ambassadors of the reception of handicap public.

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