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Commercial real estate

The Community of municipalities leases out workshop-like spaces for local craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

It has business premises in the Sylva 21 zone in the municipality of Belin Beliet:

  • An artisanal storage building with a surface area of 145 m².
  • Leasable spaces within the nursery of the Espace 21 from 37 m² to 169 m².
  • Leasable spaces within l'ATELIER from 130 m² to 355m² and storage boxes for craftsmen from 24m² upwards.

The Community of municipalities rents its premises (bail 3/6/9) or makes them available for temporary occupancy by means of a contract for the provision of professional activity accommodation services.

Whatever the needs of companies seeking to establish or operate in Community of municipalities of Val de l'Eyre, each entrepreneur is followed up to find the best way to start his business.

Future project l'Atelier
Future project l'Atelier

Contact details:

Contact: Communauté de communes du Val de l'Eyre

Address: 1 rue Nicolas Brémontier Entrée N°2 – Zone Sylva 21

33830 BELIN-BELIET -Exit 21 - A63

Telephone: -


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