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Business land for sale

Do you want to find the ideal location to develop your business?

The Val de l'Eyre community develops and markets land in business parks in order to encourage the development of local businesses and the establishment of new economic activities (industrial, tertiary and craft).


The inter-municipal areas are located at:

  • Belin Beliet in the Sylva 21 area- near the junction 21 on the motorway A63
  • Le Barp in the Eyrialis activity area– located about 5 minutes from the junction 23 on the motorway A63


The developed plots are of various sizes and adapted to the demand of all types of companies wishing to invest and build their professional premises.


A “tailored” support is provided to each entrepreneur wishing to study an installation project. 

Zone Sylva 21 Belin-Beliet
Zone Sylva 21 Belin-Beliet
Zone Eyrialis Le Barp
Zone Eyrialis Le Barp

The Sylva 21 eco-industrial park in the communes of Belin-Beliet and Salles

New expansion program

A developed m² starts from 15 euros without taxes.

Siscob-ver the land for sale: en savoir plus


An attractive area

A development potential of 25 ha is added to the 16 ha already occupied by about thirty craft businesses voir la liste des entreprises de Sylva 21

The Beynel company, the first manufacturer of wooden pallets, is located at entrance 1.

Optical fibre has been deployed throughout the area

It has a waste disposal centre for professionals 

The Eyrialis ZAE in the municipality of Barp

Entrance 1

Focuses on craft and industries, reception: Aquitaine Viande, Cabinet Michel Sarrazin, DEP’DP, Dassé Aquitaine, AEC Polymers, DBP Aquitaine, Roncarolo, Unibéton, GMS et Aquistock, and Charpentiers MESTRE.


Entrance 2 

Commercial complex, it hosts SuperU, Leader Price, Tout faire materiaux, gamm vert, La halle de la viande, Restaurant Oléa, Poissonnerie Bleu Marine...

 Télécharger la liste des entreprises de la ZAE Eyrialis

NB: lots for sale are still available on the site of Entrance 2 of the EAZ.

Contact details:

Contact: Communauté de Communes du Val de l'Eyre

Address 1 rue Nicolas Brémontier Entrée N°2 – Zone Sylva 21

33830 BELIN-BELIET -Exit 21 - A63

Telephone: -


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